Is Local Search a good fit for the real estate industry?

Is Local Search optimization in compliance with the DRE rules on advertising?
A few clients have asked us if Local Search is a good fit for the real estate industry. They are Realtors or mortgage brokers who want to be sure that Local Search is in compliance with the advertising rules of the California Department of Real Estate, the DRE.

Is your building on Google maps?

Is your building on Google maps?
If your company's building isn't on Google maps, it should be.  It is easy to check.  Go to and enter your address or your business name and town.

Say hello to Paul our new Local Search rep

We want to welcome our newest Account Executive, Paul Shannon, to Access Publishing! Paul is heading up our Local Search sales team, and we are excited to have him on board.

Prepare for the post-PC world

Last week I attended a local search conference in San Francisco and learned several new trends and ideas I'm excited to share.
Mobile is everything, or soon will be, according to the experts at the Mobile Local Media conference sponsored by the BIA Kelsey Group, where Google’s head of mobile search, Surojit Chatterjee, Yelp’s director of business development, Mike Ghaffary, and executives from PayPal, Pandora and Groupon shared their insights.

What is a QR Code and what can I do with it?

QR Code (which stands for Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of barcode that was invented in Japan for the automotive industry.
QR codes are scanned using an app downloaded on a smartphone (such as an iPhone or Android). Once scanned, they link to a mobile website. A QR code that is used for marketing  will link to information that enhanses a consumer’s experience with the product. It can link to a site with exclusive information, a place to leave a review, a prompt to check-in on Facebook or Foursquare, or a supplemental video.

Google Place Pages Get a Plus

Last Wednesday, Google Places pages were rolled into the Google+ social network: Your Google Places pages have become Google+ Local. Google has already changed all of your local listings and the URL of your listings have changed. The content of these new business pages is very similar to the old Place Pages with greater emphasis on social features, such as +1 and social sharing.