Paso Robles SEO Frequently Asked Questions FAQWhat is Access Local Search?

Access Local Search is an integrated marketing solution to connect local businesses with local buyers. Your customized package includes local search optimization on over 100 directories, our Review Generator™system, reputation management services, a custom web page on our preferred business directory, Your business will receive tremendous exposure online.

How will customers find me online?

Customers will find you in Google searches and several other online directories, in addition to your mobile page and webpage. It’s not enough to BE online; your business needs to be FOUND online. We get you listed where your customers are looking.

What is local search optimization?

Local search optimization is maximizing your presence to customers searching the web for products and services in a geographic area. We do this by creating your optimized profile and then using it to update your listings on local and global directories that will help customers find you and improve your search rankings.

Why do I need to be found online if I don’t even have a website?

70% off online searchers use local search to find offline businesses. This means local customers are looking for your phone number, address, directions, map to your location, store hours, information about your products and services and special offers. If you’d like, we can create a website for you.

What if I am already on Google Business Profiles and I have claimed it?

Google has over 50 million place pages and business owners claim less than 10% of them, so you are ahead of the game! We will help you take it to the next level. Your profile needs to be optimized with specific keywords, photos, and complete business information to get the best local search results. Additionally, your business needs an optimized presence on all of the top local and global directories to get you results.

How do people search online?

Research shows that buyers search using the product or service they need with a geographic tag, such as a city name or zip code. For example: “Auto Glass Atascadero”, “Self Storage 93446,” “Plumber in Templeton”, “Pizza Paso Robles”

I’m already at the top of the Google search results.

That is fantastic, but without action, it is not likely to last long. Google looks for updates and changes on the Internet. Google looks for businesses making an effort to get noticed across the web. Google changes their algorithm frequently, so the reasons you have top ranking now will change. Be proactive and work to hold your ground.

What is an Optimized Business Profile™?

An Optimized Business Profile™ is the most critical step to increasing your online presence and updating Internet directories. It is a complete description of your business, services, keywords, areas served, contact information, address, logos and photos, testimonials and reviews, special offers, online connections, map and directions, brief company history, QR code and additional details.

Why is Access Publishing an expert in local Internet marketing?

Our owner and publisher, Scott Brennan, recently was awarded a Masters Certificate in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco. Our accounts executives and graphic designers bring decades of experience in advertising in our local market. Together, our team brings the level of expertise your business needs.

What directories do you use?

We customize the list of directories to your type of business. We have local web traffic research that is specific by industry and directory usage to maximize your exposure.

Why are the business profiles a template?

Consumers prefer a consistent format with the most critical information easy to find. They make it easy for readers to browse and get complete information on your business.

Will this get me to the top of the Google search page?

Your integrated marketing solution will get you listed in Google’s search engine. A number of factors, that Google frequently changes, determine the ranking of the list. Our solutions, plus the tools we will give you, will improve your ranking. We do not promise a ranking position and anyone who does is running a scam.

How does Google decide how to rank my business?

Google looks for your directory listings, reviews about you, your website, and links to you. Our local search optimization will improve and increase your directory listings; give you tools for generating positive reviews; give you suggestions for improving your website; and increase the number of links pointing to you. Your ranking will also be determined by how many similar businesses there are in the area and how competitive the category is.

What do I look like online now?

Well, let’s take a look together. More than likely you are listed in some places. To maximize your rankings we will claim your listings, register them and optimize them. We will increase the number of directories you are listed on. Our integrated marketing solution creates an affordable way for you to get this done.

Does this service link to my website?

Yes. The Optimized Business Profile™ on our website, mobile and your directory updates will all point traffic to your website. This will increase your website’s online presence and improve your rankings in search engine results.


What is a QR code and what can I do with it?

A QR code is a shortcut to a mobile page. Your QR code will take mobile users to the Google+local mobile page created for you. You can use your QR code for all of your business marketing and promotion. Be careful not to use a QR code that takes mobile users to a regular website, because that is frustrating and hard to navigate for a mobile user. Mobile users are usually using a QR code as a short cut to your phone number, map or information about your products and services.

Facts about QR codes:

  • QR code uptake has increased 489% from 2010 to 2011
  • The majority of users expect to receive a coupon or deal from a QR code
  • 64% of QR code scanners are female
  • Highest age-group of users are 35-44.

Do I have to give a special offer?

Consumers are more likely to respond and take action when you have a compelling offer. We strongly recommend you create a special offer to get new customers to try you out. If you see two offers: one is 10% off, and the other is 50% off, as a customer, which one would you choose? We respect your decision but keep in mind that a compelling offer from your business is critical to you getting results.

Why do I need to be registered on so many directories?

You need to be in many places because consumers use a wide variety of sources to find local products and services. Google’s search algorithm ranks your listing higher when you are in more places.

I am in the real estate or mortgage business. Is Local Search in compliance with the DRE?

The Local Search optimization service we provide, on behalf of clients, is in compliance with the California Department of Real Estate’s rules and regulations. The California Department of Real Estate’s Commissioner’s regulations 2773, section (3) grants an exception to websites that are not owned, controlled, or maintained by the licensee.  In the case of Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, and several others, the websites we submit client information to, are not owned, controlled or maintained by the client or by Access Publishing.  We cannot control what information they use or how they use it. Where the websites allow submission of a client’s license number and designation, Access Publishing will provide it. Where information is uploaded to a website we do own or control, we will publish a client’s license number and designation.

What about Twitter?

Research shows Twitter utilization in San Luis Obispo County is less than 5% of Facebook. Twitter requires more monitoring and updating. We recommend you use your Facebook fan page and Google+ page as your primary social media tool.

What about Pinterest, or this other site I heard about?

We are constantly monitoring the changing landscape of Internet marketing. The integrated solution we are offering includes the most important elements to building your online presence. We will be sending out a quarterly newsletter to our clients that will include the latest trends and tips for you to improve your local search results.

What about Pay Per Click and Google Ad Words?

The integrated solution we are offering will help your business generate better “organic” results. Customers prefer “organic” results in 80% more than paid results. Pay Per Click can be a useful advertising strategy for some businesses. Ask about a custom package.

What is the timeline of services?

We begin with collecting your information and creating your Optimized Business Profile™. We need your help to accomplish this successfully. Then we edit copy and proofread; optimize your keywords; and select your custom local and global directories. If everything goes smoothly, your profile, listings, mobile site and web page should be up within two months of signing up. Directories then take 60-90 days to update content.